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Travel Information

Travel Information

A Warm Greeting to you from the team at Mysterious Myanmar Tours

We hope that this Information is helpful to you for planning your travels to Myanmar.

If there is additional information you need please contact us and we will try to help you.

Visa Types

Visa applicants must have a valid passport with 6 validity months still remaining on your passport to apply for EVT (Entry Visa for Tourist).

It can be obtained at any Myanmar Embassy in your country or at a Myanmar Consulate. They are valid for 28 days.

There are two different types of Visa with a Visa fees of USD$ 30 as at Jan 2014.

    Valid three months from the date of issue. When you make the application the consulate require a confirmation letter from a Government Registered Travel Agency in Myanmar like Mysterious Myanmar Tour Agency. Please ask us so we can provide this confirmation letter to you free of change
  • EVT (FIT)

    Valid one month from the date of issue and does not require confirmation letter from any agencies in Myanmar.

VISA-ON-Arrival (VOA) is now available at Yangon and Mandalay International Airports with a pre arrangement with registered travel agency in Myanmar. Mysterious Myanmar Tours can arrange for your Visa on Arrival and meet you on your arrival at the International Airport.

We will need Personal Details prior to your departure such:

  • Full Name as detailed on passport
  • Father’s name
  • Religion
  • Occupation
  • Color photocopy of your passport with photo page

Please email to us prior to your departure:
1. Your Scanned Passport photo page 2. Color Passport Size Photo (1”x1”)

We recommend visitors to bring US Dollars Cash and convert at money changers. Torn, inky, stained and old USD$ notes will be very hard to cash and will cause you some difficulties. We advise you only carry NEW USD$ notes or bank notes in very good condition.

Local currency which we use is called “Kyat” and USD$ are available to be exchanged into Kyat at the airport in Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Heho and some other private Banks in Towns & City.

Current exchange rate is (1 usd =1425 ks) and varies daily up and down.

Credit cards are taken in very few places except major hotels and there are not a lot of ATM machines to obtain cash so we recommend you travel with sufficient cash for expenses.

Myanmar has improved for some facilities and to withdraw cash at ATMs are available at large town, cities and all major tour destinations in Myanmar. But the best way still today is to bring sufficient amount of Cash (United State Dollar) with you.

Only a few five star hotels and few others places accept for Visacard & MasterCard. Also the percentage for additional service fees is very high when using credit cards.

Jewelry, electrical goods and cameras must be declared to the Customs at the airport. We recommend you do not bring a lot of valuables with you as you travel from hotel to many different places and easily to lose or leave behind. Liquor allowance is 2 Liters of liquor, 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars and 1/2 liter of perfumes. Antiques and old Buddha images are prohibited to be brought out of Myanmar.

Currently, International airport departure tax is Free of charge for any passengers departing Myanmar.

Tipping system is a kind of art. Local people are willing to help visitors and do not expect anything to return. But if you engage with service providers or get some special extra help during your trip from someone who is especially good to care or kind or helpful appropriate amount of tips would be appreciated.

220-240 volts A.C

6:30+GMT; (UTC)

We strongly suggest all of our clients to obtain the necessary personal baggage, medical and accident insurance before arrival. To buy travel insurance is also essential to cover for trip cancellation fees in event you are unable to make the trip.

We strongly recommend that your medial insurance cover medical evacuation as medical facilities in Myanmar are very basic.

Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, hat and a torch or flash light are essential to bring. Don’t forget to bring medicine you may needed, such as antibiotics etc…

Tropical storms, cyclones, river floods, landslides and earthquake do occur but rate as a low risk rating in Myanmar. It will be safer to monitor weather reports and take care after heavy rains and get advice of western governments announcements. We have always a planned response plan for a flexible itinerary in event of an emergency. Health issues such as Malaria and Bird Flu are also low risk rating .As a precaution we suggest you to use mosquito repellents and refrain from visiting chicken farms and the poultry sections of the markets. Be aware of potholes on the pathways and road while walking in the City or Town or you may fall down into a water drainage tunnel.

Generally, cars drivers and boatmen in Myanmar not allowed to drink alcohol while they are driving according to state rules and regulations. We strongly prohibit our Tour Vehicle drivers to drink any alcohols on duty and we believe that they all follow by our rules. However if you are using a taxi on your own please check the driver’s condition and tell him to drive within the speed limit.

  • Wearing short is not appropriate while visiting to Buddhist Pagodas.
  • We recommend that you do not be take photos of police, soldiers and their station offices.
  • Keep any valuables you have with you in your hotel safe if possible.

Additional information will give you as a pre tour group briefing on line one month prior on arrival.